Monday , 1 March 2021

Weird News of The Week


YOU WERE EXPECTING PRINCE CHARMING? A bottle-tan mishap has left one woman from the UK looking like the ogre princess Fiona from blockbuster animated film “Shrek.” Footage of her accidental makeover shows her friends’ stunned reactions as she debuts her new green hue, with one tender-hearted friend assuring it’s “[not] that bad.” Lilly Vigus, an equine management student from Rochester, Kent, claims that she and her roommates were feeling restless during lockdown when they decided to experiment with self-tanning lotion, according to Kennedy News. In spite of her naturally fair skin, Vigus picked up the only tanner available at the shop, a bottle of St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan in shade “Darker Than Dark.” This isn’t her first time using self-tanner as Vigus, 18, is known to “burn instantly” in the sun and thus avoids exposure. “People were calling me Fiona from ‘Shrek’ because my ginger hair and green skin all matched with her,” said Vigus, in reference to the ’00s animated franchise starring the voices of Mike Myers as the eponymous green monster and Cameron Diaz as a fairy tale princess who falls in love with the ogre — and later transforms into one herself. Vigus found herself unable to resist finishing off the bottle. “After the second layer I did think it was a bit dark but I decided to keep going.” The green water in her shower the next morning was the first sign her tanning scheme had gone awry. “The water just kept running green for ages,” she said. “Every time I washed for the next few days the water running off me was still green.” (New York Post)

A 17-year-old woman from the UK is recovering well after doctors discovered a foot-and-a-half long hairball that had literally torn through her stomach. A medical report describes the crazy circumstances in which the teen suffers from “Rapunzel” syndrome, which causes her to compulsively eat her own hair. She ate some much of it that she was able to amass a hairball that was 19 inches long, filling her entire stomach. The patient was taken to the hospital after two mysterious fainting episodes left her face bruised. A computed tomography (CT) scan then revealed a large mass inside her “grossly distended stomach,” and a tear in the organ lining, at which point the girl’s mental health struggles became clear. The teen had a known history of trichotillomania, characterized by the urge to pull out one’s hair, as well as trichophagia, which is the compulsive eating of hair. Both are very rare but the teen was lucky as doctors say that the hairball had grown so large that, upon surgical removal, they discovered it had formed a cast of her entire stomach. She is recuperating and seeing a therapist about her condition. (New York Post)

A bizarre video of a man who sat on a toilet in the middle of a busy street in Bristol, England has gone viral on social media. The video was taken in Lawrence Hill, close to the Lidl supermarket. Motorists are seen in the video having to negotiate their way around the man as he reads a paper while sitting on the toilet. The video of the man, who dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and is wearing a mask, has been shared across social media. Some have described him as a “legend,” saying we could all “do with a laugh” at the moment. While others have criticized him for compromising road safety. (ITV)

A Dutchman has gone viral for skating on a frozen canal while half-naked — and plunging in after the ice cracked. In a video seen almost seven million times on Twitter by Tuesday morning, the unidentified man wore just tight black shorts as he glided across the Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam. His feet suddenly sank under a section of cracked ice, turning him into a flying Dutchman as he shot forward, crashing through the rest face-first. Soon, it wasn’t just the ice cracking up but also those watching him, with the clip posted Sunday capturing his audience whooping and laughing as he raised his head to show that he was safe. After initially looking dazed, the skater joked about his “face-plant” — and gave a bow after he was finally pulled to safety on a thicker chunk of ice by another skater. A slew of accidents recently led Prime Minister Mark Rutte to caution his nation, while conceding that “skating on natural ice makes the heart of many Dutch people beat faster.”

A couple with a young child and a new puppy say they often felt as if someone was watching them in their own home. Darren Pallister and his fiance Jessica Mason checked the motion-activated cameras that they recently installed around their house to monitor their Frenchie pups’ movements, but what they saw caused them to ‘nearly fall out of bed.’ Darren and Jessica say that their cameras managed to capture photographic evidence of a ‘blond ghost bride’ wandering through their dining room at 3am. Many believe the image shows a fresh-faced figure wearing a wedding dress, as she stands between a dining room table and cabinet staring blankly towards the patio windows. Darren is now hoping to get in touch with a local historian to shed light on the situation because he says his landlord isn’t aware of any deaths at the property and is as baffled as he is. One thing is for sure, they are certainly convinced that they are not alone in that home. (LADBIBLE)

An enraged bovine redefined “having a cow” after stampeding through a Colombian hospital as petrified patients fled for their lives as seen in a Newsflash viral video of the hot-headed heifer’s rampage. The wild 90-second clip begins innocuously enough with visitors sitting in a crowded waiting room at Hospital San Rafael in Antioquia. All of a sudden, a humongous rogue cow enters the frame, causing them to scatter like an impromptu Running of the Bulls festival. Things get really hairy after the beast traps a group of people in the corner of the room, battering several with its head and hooves before Samaritans manage to steer it away by its leash. The video then pans to outside, where bystanders are seen trying to coax the enraged animal out of the clinic by whooping and hollering. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during the ruckus, according to local news. However, one woman sustained minor contusions from getting trampled, while two motorcycles and several chairs were also damaged. The cow’s owner reportedly went to the hospital to apologize for the incident as well as to inquire about the damage and the victim’s health. (New York Post)

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