Monday , 10 December 2018

Weird News of The Week – December 4

HOLY COW! Meet Knickers: A beefy bovine from Western Australia towering nearly 6 feet, 4 inches and weighing over 3,000 pounds, according to Owner Geoff Pearson, who thinks his large livestock may be unofficially Australia’s biggest steer, says that Knickers was just “too heavy” to be sold or killed for his meat. “I wouldn’t be able to put it through a processing facility,” Pearson told PerthNow. “So I think it will just live happily ever after.” According to Australia’s ABC News, seven-year-old Knickers, a Holstein Friesian, is double the weight of the average animal of its breed and more than a foot and a half taller. That makes him heavier than some cars and taller than some NBA players. While the behemoth is notable, he’s still a couple inches shorter than the world’s tallest steer: A chianina ox named Bellino, who measured more than 6 feet, 6 inches at a show in Rome in 2010, according to Guinness World Records. Naturally, the brute had the internet abuzz. Pearson also said that his other cattle follow the massive leader around by the hundreds. “Whenever he wants to get up and start walking there’s a trail of hundreds of cattle following him,” he told ABC News. (USA Today)

Robert Craig Davis of Florida had a foolproof plan to avoid paying tolls until he was caught by an off-duty trooper. The 70-year-old rigged a remote control that could raise and lower a shield to block his license plate. With this device, Davis could drive through a toll without paying, also keeping cameras from snapping a photo of his plates to send him a bill. Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Alejandro Camacho spotted the plate cover in action while driving through the Bird Road toll plaza on the Florida turnpike. Troopers found not only the remote, but also a SunPass transponder inside of a static shield bag in the glove compartment. The bag interrupted signal so that tolls could not charge the transponder. Davis faces a charge of organized fraud and petit theft. (Miami Herald)

The U.S. Forest Service has released a video showing a gender reveal party that caused a large and costly wildfire in Arizona last year. 37-year-old Dennis Dickey, an off-duty Border Patrol agent in Tucson, shot a target containing a blue substance to indicate that his wife was expecting a baby boy. But the target also contained tannerite, a highly explosive substance that caused a large fireball. The large field of dry grass surrounding the target immediately burst into flames and set off a quick-spreading brush fire that went on to burn up 47,000 acres and cause $8 million in damages. It took 800 firefighters to contain the fire. Luckily there were no fatalities. Dickey pleaded guilty to causing the fire and was sentenced to five years probation. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $500 a month for the next 20 years and $8.1 million in restitution. (KVOA-TV)

A California man who was teased incessantly for years about his enormous beer belly finally decided to see a doctor about it because he doesn’t actually drink beer. It turns out he had a 77-pound tumor on his stomach. Hector Hernandez knew something was terribly wrong because he had gained a lot of weight and it was all in his gut. A CT scan confirmed a large mass in his abdomen, which was a cancerous tumor. Hernandez underwent a six-hour surgery to have the tumor removed, and about a week later, he weighed 100 pounds less. (Fox News) CLICK HERE TO SEE HERNANDEZ’S BEER BELLY.

A mom from Texas claims an agent of Southwest Airlines mocked her five-year-old daughter’s name, which is Abcde, pronounced “ab-city.” They were reportedly preparing to board a flight to El Paso at John Wayne Airport in Orange County when the gate agent took a picture of the boarding pass with her daughter’s name on it, allegedly even posting it to Facebook. She also says the agent was laughing and pointing to them while talking to other employees, presumably still making fun of her five-year-old’s name. Southwest Airlines has issued a statement apologizing for the incident, adding that they’ve “followed up with the employee involved,” but haven’t disclosed when actions they’re taking. (ABC 7)

When a Polish Airlines flight from Beijing to Warsaw experienced a technical issue that required repairs before they could take off, they turned to the passengers for help. Apparently, there was an issue with the plane’s hydraulics that called for a new pump. But according to reports, the staff at the airport in Beijing, China wouldn’t accept a bank transfer as payment. So, some of the 249 passengers chipped in to raise more than $350 in cash. Luckily, the generous donors were reportedly reimbursed and given vouchers when they finally safely arrived in Warsaw, after waiting more than 10 hours for the repairs to be done. And the staff member who originally asked for their hard-earned cash will be disciplined. (Metro) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GROUNDED JET ON THE TARMAC.