Tuesday , 22 January 2019

Weird News of The Week – January 22

BIG WINNER. A $1 lottery prize may not make you a big winner, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least be treated like one. Tyler Heep of Iowa won $1 on a scratch-off lottery game. Instead of returning to the store to cash in his prize, he did what the big winners do. He went down to the lottery office and asked to be given one of those oversized checks. Rather than just simply laughing off his request, lottery workers took Tyler into a back room, where there was a camera and a wall with the Iowa Lottery logo on it. They then presented a big check for $1 and took photos of him holding it. It was a hilarious moment for Tyler, and he says he used his winnings to buy half a gallon of gas. (WHO-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG CHECK FOR THE $1 LOTTERY WIN.

A driver was dealt a dose of instant karma when the person tried to topple a snowman with their vehicle in Petersburg, Kentucky on Monday. Cory Lutz’s fiancée, Lucy, was visiting from Mississippi this past weekend with her sister, Laura, and was, “elated to experience the biggest snowfall she’s ever seen!” The three had a weekend filled with sledding, snowball fights, and even some canoeing. Lutz said they wanted to make the most of the winter wonderland. And, of course, that included building a snowman. They used a stump in Lutz’s front yard as the base for their towering 9-foot tall snowman called Frosty. According to Lutz, everyone loved their snowman. People driving by waved and honked their horns to express their delight. But he came home Monday to find a set of tire tracks in his yard that abruptly ended at the base of the snowman. The stump was exposed and now featured a snowy imprint of a bumper. “Apparently Frosty had been handing out life lessons to surprised 4×4 vandals. ‘You reap what you sow!’ Still standing, and still smiling – He certainly had the last laugh!” Lutz said. (Fox 8 Cleveland)

Residents of Espírito Santo do Dourado, Brazil are dealing with what appears to be a rain shower of spiders. But even though the spiders look like they are falling, they are actually moving on top of a huge web. Experts say this is very typical in the region because of how hot and humid the weather is. Spiders will usually share their webs with other spiders during this time. They say it’s a tactic spiders use to help catch food, usually insects. Silk threads act as parachutes, so the rain of spiders is also called ‘ballooning’.” Experts also say that they are 100% harmless. (The Sun) CLICK HERE AND GET READY TO BE CREEPED OUT BY THE VISUAL OF RAINING SPIDERS.

There’s a new statue in the Spanish city of Segovia, just a stone’s throw away from a famous Roman-era aqueduct. However, the statue has Roman Catholics a bit unhappy. The statue is of a ‘Friendly Satan’ taking a selfie, and residents started a petition stating the devil looks far too good-natured for public installation. Ancient folklore says that the devil built the aqueduct himself, in one night, so the statue is a tribute to the historical sight and story. The petition to have Satan removed has over 5,600 signatures, however, a rival group has started their own petition and that has just over 2,300 signatures. No word yet which side is winning. (LoudWire)

With Fat Tuesday coming up, many will be looking for the little plastic naked babies hiding in your king cake. But an advertising company says Facebook went too far with censorship last week when it prevented them from promoting a photo of a plastic “king cake baby” on the social media site because of “excessive nudity.” The ad company posted the photo to Facebook last week for its annual King Cake Snob competition, which ranks the cakes from bakeries across Louisiana. The post included the image of six plastic king cake babies with the caption, “We’re back baby! King Cake season is here, and it’s time to go vote for your favorite King Cake.” However, when they went to boost their post on Facebook they were told that the ad “isn’t running because it includes an image or video depicting excessive skin or nudity.” A King Cake Snob spokeswoman had even reached out to Facebook to explain that the image is innocent, but Facebook would still not allow them to boost the post. (Yahoo)

Last week, Nike announced the pre-sale of its latest self-tightening sneaker, the Adapt BB. The BB stands for “basketball,” and the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum gave them a test run at last Wednesday’s game. These BBs look like any other performance shoe, with a mesh upper and a thick rubber sole where, nestled under the arch of your foot, lives Nike’s innovative “lace engine,” though they are, in fact, laceless. The Bluetooth-powered tightening mechanism can be controlled via smartphone app and charges on a wireless mat, juicing the shoe enough to last 10 to 14 days. They also light up while adjusting fit, and chime chords E flat major and E flat C depending on the battery level. They are also supposedly waterproof. The shoe will go on sale officially in February for $350, but only in men’s sizes seven to 15, making the smallest available size in women’s an 8.5. Nike says it’s working on a way to shrink the technology to fit smaller shoes. (New York Post)