Sunday , 28 November 2021

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Dutch Driver Plans Crash To Save Driver Having Seizure
A driver in the Netherlands is being hailed a hero for putting himself in danger to save a woman who was having a seizure behind the wheel of her car while travelling at highway speed. Henry Temmermans was driving on the highway near Amsterdam when he noticed another car was driving on the grass. He looked over and could see that the car’s driver was unconscious. Without much concern for his own safety, Temmermans pulls ahead and positions himself so the out-of-control vehicle will run into the back of his car. He successfully gets the car to run squarely into the back of his car and manages to get both vehicles to a stop. Another driver catches the whole incident on his dashcam and pulls up behind the cars just as they come to a stop. The other driver calls emergency services and he and Temmermans check on the unconscious driver. They can’t get the woman to wake up, but do confirm she has a pulse. Police and an ambulance arrive a few minutes later and take the woman to the hospital. Temmermans’ car had to be towed after the incident and the other driver that stopped, who it turns out was an old acquaintance, drove him home. The next day, he got a call from the husband and daughter of the woman expressing their gratitude, but Temmermans doesn’t think what he did was that special. “People say they are proud of me, call me a hero. But I don’t see myself that way,” he says. “You are obliged to help people in need. I did what I had to do.” Source: Sunny Skyz

Police Honor Girl For Fighting Off Mom’s Attacker
A nine-year-old West Palm Beach girl is being recognized for her heroic actions in fighting off a man attacking her mother. The November 2nd incident was caught on surveillance video and shows Danielle Mobley and her daughter Journee Nelson getting into their car after leaving a grocery store. A man can be seen rushing toward them, pushing the mother to the ground, and trying to wrestle her purse away from her. Journee, who is getting into the passenger side of the car, runs around to her mother’s defense, punching the attacker in the face. The attacker fights back, pushes the girl to the ground and runs away with the purse. Mobley’s cellphone was in the stolen purse, which police tracked to a nearby abandoned house and retrieved. Fingerprints collected from the stolen items gave police a suspect, whom Mobley and Journee also identified from a photo lineup. The suspect was arrested two days later and faces battery and robbery charges. The West Palm Beach Police Department honored the little girl last week. At a news conference, Chief Frank Adderly commended the young hero, giving her a medal and certificate of bravery. They also gave the fourth-grader a gift certificate to her favorite store, Target. “We don’t recommend going after a violent offender, especially at nine years old,” says one officer in attendance. “But she did a great thing and protected her mom.” Source: Newser

Tailgating Grandparents Set Up In Parking Lot To Welcome 1st Grandkid
With strict COVID rules still in place across the country, people have had to change the way they support their loved ones when they have to go to the hospital. So when it came time for an Alabama family’s first grandchild to be born, two sets of grandparents-to-be got creative to be there to celebrate. The expecting grandparents arrived early to Ascension Saint Vincent’s in Birmingham, Alabama, to set up their tailgate party in the parking lot. They found a spot where the parents-to-be could see them from the delivery room window as they held up signs cheering them on. The two couples set up a tent, put out tables, and cooked food while they waited for their new grandson. Proud new grandpa-to-be Mike Gray, who was wearing a shirt that reads “Promoted to Pappy,” says they wanted to do what they could to support their family. “We want to show our support and show our love to our family and we want them to know we are here for them,” he says. “We are taking the current situation and showing support the best way we can.” Source: WBRC


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