Thursday , 25 February 2021

Today’s Good News

Tiffin Community Kitchen Project Secures Investment of 250K
The Tiffin Community Kitchen Project received a commitment of $250,000 from the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio this week. Old Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tiffin is spearheading the project in partnership with Seneca County Common Ground and is connecting with their larger faith-based community in an exciting way. With this initial investment of $250K comes the official kickoff of the project’s capital campaign. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2.7 million, and the group hopes to utilize a combination of public, private and philanthropic support to meet their overall goal. The team will be applying for grants, meeting with private foundations and donors and reaching out to community members for support in the coming months. The group recently launched a new website with an online giving portal, a Facebook page and a professional video showcasing the goals of the Kitchen project and the many benefits that it seeks to provide for the Tiffin and Seneca County community. The video features various local leaders sharing their perspective on how the project ties into the future of the community. Anyone wishing to contribute to the project can give online at or mail gifts to 125 East Market Street, Tiffin. For information, contact Gerlach at [email protected], call (567) 938-0102 or visit

SpaceX is a company that has been working toward sending civilians into space — and not just astronauts. Well, they’re a step closer as they announced a spaceflight that will include only civilians — and one of those “regular people” will be 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux. When the spacecraft lifts off, Hayley will be the youngest-ever American to fly into space. It’s actually unfair to call Hayley “regular” because she’s already something of a hero here on Earth. She’s currently a physician assistant in Memphis, Tennessee — and also a cancer survivor, as she beat the disease about 20 years ago. All of her hard work through the years is certainly paying off now, as she’ll be aboard the Inspiration 4 mission, serving as the crew’s medical officer. Hayley says her battle with cancer prepared her for space travel, explaining that it helped her “expect the unexpected and go along for the ride.” (Engadget)

Back in 1973, Karen Autenrieth lost her wedding ring in a snowbank in Chicago. Amazingly, earlier this month, that ring was returned to her. Six to eight years ago, Sarah Batka — who lives in the home where the ring was lost — found the ring while she was gardening. She didn’t know what to do with it, so she just kept it in a safe place. Then, earlier this month, Sarah was inspired to track down the owner, realizing she could use the Internet and social media to solve the puzzle. Sarah connected with two historians — Carol Flynn and Linda Lamberty — who are experts on the history of Chicago neighborhoods. Sure enough, Carol and Linda were able to figure out that the ring belonged to Karen — and the ring was returned. Karen, of course, was shocked, as she never expected to see the ring again. And, she is extra excited about it because she and her husband will be celebrating their 55th anniversary in April. For the first time in nearly 50 years, she’ll be celebrating that anniversary with her wedding band on her finger. (Chicago Tribune)

When Jessica and Will Northrop of Hampton Roads, Virginia, got married at the end of last year, they wanted to include a special member of their family — their dog, Calvin. Calvin ended up serving as a ring bearer, wearing a navy tuxedo and red bow tie — just like the groomsmen. Calvin doesn’t just bring happiness to Jessica and Will. Instead, he’s also a certified therapy dog who has visited the oncology floor of a local children’s hospital. Jessica describes Calvin as a “once in a lifetime dog” — a “friend” and a “teammate.” And now that Jessica and Will are married — Calvin will continue to be that friend and once-in-a-lifetime dog as Jessica and Will create their life together as a couple. (Insider)