Monday , 10 May 2021

Today’s Good News

Special Moms Honored Sunday.
Major League Baseball announced the more than 30 Honorary Bat Girls who will represent MLB Clubs in support of this annual effort each Mother’s Day to highlight extraordinary efforts to support the fight against breast cancer. Despite the rainout, The Indians’ representative was Kate Watson, who at 35 years old, while pregnant for the third time, noticed a painful lump in her breast but attributed it to the pregnancy. She miscarried at 18 weeks but the lump in her breast remained unchanged. In March 2016, six weeks after the miscarriage, Kate had her first mammogram and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer that had spread beyond her breast to her spine, pelvis and femur. She completed six rounds of chemotherapy, had her ovaries removed and remains in active treatment, including receiving intravenous infusions of monoclonal antibodies every three weeks in order to keep the cancer from misbehaving. She is married to her husband Scott, and together they have two perfectly perfect daughters, now 7 and 9 years old. When she was initially diagnosed, neither of her daughters were even old enough for kindergarten. Throughout the last five years, Kate has been committed to advocating at the state and federal level in order to raise awareness for the need for more research dedicated to metastatic breast cancer, as well as to advance legislation that would improve the lives of metastatic cancer patients. Her work will continue until all breast cancer patients have the chance to receive effective and well-tolerated treatments that allows them to live to witness their children’s milestones without fear of recurrence, or death from this horrible disease.
As has been tradition since 2006, players will continue to swing pink bats and sport pink wristbands in commemoration of the “Going To Bat Against Breast Cancer” initiative, which is intended to raise awareness and funds (through donations and auction proceeds) to support efforts to address breast cancer. Players also will wear specially designed pink New Era caps, while Club uniforms will feature the MLB breast cancer awareness logo, adorned with the symbolic pink ribbon, on the left chest. A matching pair of pink socks made by Stance is optional for every player. MLB will donate 100% of its royalties from sales of on-field Authentic Collection apparel with the MLB pink ribbon logo to Stand Up To Cancer and Susan G. Komen. It is believed the Indians will honor Watson in a future homestand.

Community Support “Rejuvenated” Spirit Of College Pitcher After Prosthetic Arm Was Stolen
A college baseball player in South Dakota is thanking fans for their support after his prosthetic arm was stolen recently. Parker Hanson is a pitcher for Augustana University and his artificial limb and some must-have attachments that go with it was taken from his car near the Sioux Falls campus early Monday morning. His arm is specially fitted for him and the bag that was taken had between $15,000 and $25,000 worth of equipment inside, Hanson says. His neighbor got surveillance footage of the suspect, which was shared on Facebook in an effort to have the arm returned. The Sioux Falls Police Department found the bag near Hanson’s home and the attachments have been returned to him, but the arm is still missing. But here’s the thing – this athlete is trying to turn a bad experience into a good one. “I’ve had people from all walks of life reach out hoping I get my stuff back, praying for whoever took it,” Hanson says. “It rejuvenated my thoughts on how much good there really is in the world.” He says he’s heard from families who have kids with disabilities who would like to meet him and he hopes to have them come visit him at upcoming baseball practices. Many people have expressed interest in donating to a GoFundMe to get him a replacement arm, but NCAA athletes can’t accept donations. If it’s still missing when baseball ends, the senior says he’ll be grateful for the support. Source: Argus Leader

Anonymous Donor Gives Family New Home After Storm Destroys Theirs
A Texas family’s home was destroyed by storms last week, but a kind stranger gave them a new place to live. Wendi Holden and her five family members and three pets were all inside their mobile home in the town of Azle when winds flung it multiple times. They all managed to survive, but their home did not. After hearing about the Holden’s misfortune, an anonymous person stepped up to help them in their time of need. They donated a brand-new mobile home to the family to replace the old one. Now they’re able to live on the same land in a new place and they’re overwhelmed by the generosity. “This is life-changing,” Wendi says. “I want them to know, even though they’re staying anonymous, how much our family appreciates it. And we are going to pay it forward.” Source: WFAA