Tuesday , March 28 2023

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14-Year-Old Football Player Who Wears Size 23 Shoes Gets Great News.

Imagine trying to buy shoes for your 14-year-old son when he wears a size bigger than what Shaq wears. That’s exactly the predicament Michigan mom Rebecca Kilburn found herself in as her son, Eric Jr., saw his growing foot expand to a size 23. The 6-foot-10 teenager, who is still growing, now has a foot that is one size bigger than the size 22s that Shaq famously wore throughout his NBA career. During his freshman football season at Goodrich High School, ill-fitting shoes led to foot problems including ingrown toenails and a sprained ankle. So mom, who is 6-foot-2 (Eric Sr. is 6-foot-5, Eric Jr’s brother is 11 and stands 5-foot-11) went national with the family’s story and now there’s good news — Eric’s getting cleats that fit. Rebecca shared the news that Under Armour is stepping up for her son by sending its senior director of footwear development to scan Eric’s foot before heading to the lab to create shoes for the football player. And that’s not the only brand that wants in on fixing Eric Kilburn’s shoe problem. “We are meeting with PUMA next week as well for sneakers and basketball shoes!!!,” mom wrote in a jubilant Facebook update. “We have so many messages from companies and people who want to help that we are fielding right now, and we are beyond grateful. It has been such a whirlwind! As if the Under Armour and Puma news isn’t great enough, there’s more good news to come out of this story. Mama Kilburn now runs a Facebook group — the “Big Shoe Network” — where people can sell large shoes. The group has 1,100 members. (OutKick)

NBA Player Surprises Teen With Custom Wheelchair

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson and the Thompson Family Foundation surprise a Bay Area teen with a brand new custom basketball wheelchair. Before the Warriors’ home game against the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this month, Thompson presented Santa Rosa teen Braulio Noriega with the new fully-customized chair, which was made possible through a partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Thompson rolled the chair into the Warriors’ media room before the game and handed it over to a stunned Noriega. “This is such an amazing moment,” the teen says. “Honestly coming to a Warriors game is such a cool thing and I get to meet Klay as well, and get a wheelchair presented by him. Just like so much emotion right now, I don’t even know what to say.” Noriega got to put his new chair to good use the next day at the Warriors Basketball Academy in Oakland. Thompson, who’s overcome two career-threatening injuries in recent years, says that what he was able to do for Noriega gives him chills. “What the Thompson Family Foundation was able to do today,” he says. “It put everything in perspective, before I ran out of the tunnel, just how blessed I am to play this game and the impact I can have on the youth.” Source: Yahoo Sports

“Spider-Man” Climbs Burning Brooklyn Building To Save 3 Kids

Just before noon last Friday, a fire broke out on the top floor of a building in the East New York neighborhood in Brooklyn. Juan DiLone was across the street moving his family into a new apartment when he saw the smoke and heard screams coming from the brownstone. The husband and father of two rushed to help the people trapped in the apartment, scaling up to the third floor window and taking a baby from a man and passing the child down to other bystanders below. DiLone managed to lower three children ranging from three-months-old to four-years-old safely down from the window before he lost his footing and jumped back to the ground. Firefighters arrived moments later and used a ladder to save the parents and another child from the blaze. Seven people including one firefighter were taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries and are expected to recover. Neighbors are calling DiLone a hero for his brave actions, but he’s just thankful that he was able to help. “We saved the three angels,” he says. “I’m glad I was there.” Source: ABC 7 NY


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