Sunday , 9 December 2018

Hooked Like Helen

In a house in the woods about 40 miles west of Cleveland, Hooked Like Helen began as the musical brainstorms of newlyweds, Nikki and Jonathan Stipp. Experimental home recordings quickly developed into an alt pop vision; within a year of the project’s inception, Nikki and Jonathan recruited the talents of an old friend (Grammy Award winning producer/engineer), Isha Erskine to remotely produce three songs for their first release, 2015’s “Get Well” EP. The title track debuted at #40 on Indietronica’s October Playlist, creating a respectable buzz on the Hype Machine circuit. HLH’s angsty/beautiful piano ballad, “Liar” won an Original Song contest and is currently in the works to become the lead off soundtrack single to the anticipated sequel of a successful independent dance film. In August of 2016, MTV featured three Hooked Like Helen songs in its documentary series “Unlocking The Truth” and the full tracks were included on the show’s official Spotify soundtrack playlist. For their forthcoming release, Nikki made her debut as co-producer, teaming up once again with Erskine to elevate the band’s sound to a new level. The deluxe EP entitled “Settle For Earth” is set for release early 2017, and will boast a total of 9 tracks – including remixes by Joseph Holiday and Selector Science. A combination of electro-elements and organic instrumentation, Hooked Like Helen’s sound embodies a unique blend of sub genres under the alternative/pop umbrella. Nikki’s haunting, harmony-heavy vocal arrangements create a surreal atmosphere of simultaneous melancholy and hopefulness. Dark lyrics and themes of existential crisis provide an eerie contrast to HLH’s melodic sensibilities. Piano hooks, intricate bass lines, and epic, driving drums carry the songs of Hooked Like Helen through a slightly sad world view, always with a groove and a constant sense of Pop.


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