Tuesday , 22 January 2019





I’ve been on the air on WCPZ for well over 30 years, most all of those years as morning show host. I have not changed my picture in eons, as a way to stay eternally-young.

I’m word-nerd who loves Scrabble & Words With Friends, crossword puzzles and the Jumble in the paper!

I’m a true Heinz 57 variety mix of cultures, as my maternal grandfather was an American Indian, and my maternal grandmother immigrated to the US from Germany.

My son, Eric, and his wife just welcomed a new baby girl to the world in August 2018, and my other son, Erin, and his wife have two boys, and though many brag about theirs, my grandkids are actually the best grandkids in the world.

My lovely wife Pat is a former account executive at the stations, and she’d been here almost as long as I have. We once hated each other, but a chance encounter at a birthday party proved we had a little more in common than we knew!

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Chuck Clark here! Born near Chicago and raised on some of the greatest radio in America, I’m a lover of all types of music. Proud to be a veteran of the US Air Force, I love sports but admit I took up golf after realizing that I’m not in shape for softball. I prefer dogs but owned a cat once… or should I say he owned me? I watch Game of Thrones, strum the guitar and occasionally fold my own laundry. Asked to list my one weakness, kryptonite.


Justin Luvv her! In High School I never sat at the cool kids table even though I had the best fruit roll-ups.  I live with my gourmet chef fiancé, and our two dogs.  If you call me during The Walking Dead you will be sent to voicemail.  My shameless addictions are:  Instagram, the gym, Bath and Bodyworks candles, Snapchat filters, apps, and texting using only emojis. We need to be friends, so hang with me on the radio and connect with me on social using the #Luvvit !


Hello, I’m Carson! Apparently I’m supposed to tell you about myself….? I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, a good hot chocolate on a cold night and pretty much anything that involves chocolate. I’m also known for getting my Man Card taken away for watching every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. You think I would be ashamed about that, but I’m NOT! Radio is my passion and I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Thanks for hanging with me on your airwaves…


Brett Provo

Brett Provo grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, Home of Dr. Seuss and Basketball! Brett has two boys and his oldest works in radio too! He’s a real tech geek, so much that he gets asked by family and friends to help them with everything from cell phones to how to get the VCR from flashing 12:00! (That would be his parents…the still live in the past LOL!) Brett enjoys watching sports of all kinds, and he loves all kinds of music and sharing great tunes on the radio every night with his listeners!