Saturday , 17 November 2018

Weird News of The Week – November 13

SEAL OF DISAPPROVAL. A Scottish man was nearly killed by a gaggle of very angry, very agitated seals that trapped him on an outcropping of rocks in a remote area of the country. He got on the wrong side of the seagoing mammals when he walked into an area filled with baby seals and some very protective moms. The older seals chased him along the beach and up a cliff face, where he was forced to call for help. He was lowered to safety by a Coast Guard patrol and transported to a hospital, where he was treated for minor exposure to cold. (BBC) CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE THE MAN HAD HIS RUN-IN WITH AGGRESSIVE SEALS.

A mom from Boulder, Colorado is such a good cuddler, she’s made a career out of it. Kassandra Brown rakes in $26,000 a year spooning strangers, charging $100 per session. After having her first child, Brown realized how important human touch can be to develop “the mind and regulation of the nervous system.” That’s why she decided to start working for the professional cuddling company Cuddlist in 2016, where clients are offered 90-minute spooning session. She insists that it isn’t sexual, although it is about physical intimacy. (Daily Mail) CLICK HERE TO SEE KASSANDRA ON THE JOB AND THE ONLINE LISTING OFFERING HER SERVICES.

Florida resident Christopher Doyle Norman was drunk and shirtless when he started banging on doors in his Pensacola neighborhood, trying to get homeowners to duke it out with him for no reason at all. The 32-year-old started his rampage by kicking in the gate outside a mobile home and punching a woman sitting outside before going next door to start a brawl with the guy in that trailer. Norman then moved on to an apartment complex, where he entered one residence through an unlocked door and threw a lamp at someone before grabbing a slice of just-delivered pizza and running outside, right into a chain fence that knocked him unconscious. (Pensacola News Journal) CLICK HERE TO SEE NORMAN’S MUGSHOT.

It looks like bathroom humor was a hit even back in the second century. Archaeologists have discovered some ancient Roman dirty jokes on floor mosaics found in Turkey that would have been part of a public bathroom around 1,800 years ago. Back then, the public bathroom would have been used mostly by men. If they looked down, they could admire some R-rated plays on classic Greek and Roman myths. One features Narcissus, the mortal son of Greek gods, who is known for falling in love with his own reflection. Only in the playful mosaic, he’s seen looking down at the reflection of his own member. “You have to understand the myths to make really come alive, but bathroom humor is kind of universal as it turns out,” explains one of the archeologists, Michael Hoff. “Instantly, anybody who would have seen that image would have seen the [visual] pun.” (Live Science) CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT ANCIENT GREEK DIRTY BATHROOM JOKES LOOK LIKE.

A woman from Peru says a possessed doll is the reason her boyfriend broke up with her. According to the woman, the doll attacked boyfriend out of jealousy, so badly that he ended up leaving. She first received the doll, named Deisy, from her mother as a Christmas gift. But things started getting creepy after its hair suddenly fell out one day. She says that since then, the doll has moved by itself multiple times and attacked her, her cousin and boyfriend. The thing is, she’s too scared to throw it away. In an attempt to “balance” out the doll’s negative energy, she got a black cat. She says that a psychic told her that cats are “very sensitive” to this energy, and as luck would have it her cat is often seen hanging out under the doll’s chair. Creepy! (Mirror) CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE CREEPY POSSESSED DOLL LOOKS LIKE.

Think your boss sucks? Try working in China, where three managers at a firm are heading to prison for subjecting their staff to inhumane punishment. At one company, if employees didn’t meet their sales goals, they were forced to drink urine, eat insects and be whipped with belts! The arrests came after an employee exposed the maltreatment of staff in a post to a social media site and went viral. The post included a video that appeared to show a man standing topless in a room as people watched him get whipped by another man with a belt, along with footage of people drinking yellow liquid. The post was deleted, but soon screenshots of texts allegedly sent by the company’s managers soon surfaced on a local news site. Among the texts, one showed a team leader being threatened with eating three cockroaches per “failed sale.” Other punishments included drinking toilet water, vinegar, selling condoms and sanitary pads on the street, and shaving their head. (South China Morning Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MANAGERS GETTING ARRESTED AND VIDEO OF PUNISHMENTS FOR NOT MEETING GOALS.