Saturday , 19 August 2017

Weird News Of The Week – August 15

FIDGET STUCK ON DIGIT. The fidget spinner craze has become so popular, we’re now starting to see bizarre fidget spinner injuries. In Arizona, 11-year-old Sam Rhodes got his fidget spinner stuck on his finger and couldn’t get it off. He and his mother tried everything from soap to oil, and nothing worked. So they finally went to the hospital, where doctors tried every tool they could find, but nothing was strong enough to cut through the alloy metal. So with the toy still on his finger, they headed over to a children’s hospital, where maintenance man Greg Earhart stepped in to help, since he says he’s removed a few of them from fingers. He has the right kind of saw and surgical precision. After going through a few saw blades, he was finally able to cut through the metal and remove the spinner from the boy’s finger. (KPNX-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BOY WITH THE FIDGET SPINNER STUCK ON HIS FINGER.

A 14-year-old Louisiana girl named Kaley and a friend had been fan-girling over members of Korean boy band BTS when one of the girls described one of them as “so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth.” After her friend egged her on to do it, the tool became lodged behind her lips and she posted a hilarious image online with the caption: “how do u tell ur mom that u got a hammer stuck in ur mouth.” Luckily, after 10 minutes of yanking, the hammer came free. Her baffled mom is now reportedly “hiding the toolbox” from her daughter. (New York Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GIRL WITH THE HAMMER STUCK IN HER MOUTH.

A couple of weeks after our story of a vehicle with no windows or doors and an axe in the roof, a Dutch man was arrested for drunk driving after he was stopped with two stolen lamp posts on the roof his car. Police shared a photo on Facebook showing the small hatchback car with two long poles on the roof. Before officers got to the unusual cargo, they ticketed the driver for having no insurance and an expired registration. After noticing that he appeared to be impaired, they asked him to take a breathalyzer test, which he declined. He also refused to comply with officer’s demands. He was arrested and the car was confiscated. It’s not clear exactly how he stole the light poles or how he was able to drive with them on his roof. (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CAR WITH THE LIGHT POLES ON ITS ROOF.

A man in a cowboy hat and boots rode into a Whataburger restaurant in Texas on a horse, then proceeded to dance on the tables. Diners and employees were stunned when the man dismounted and started dancing on the tables as others ate their food. Workers yelled at the man to leave, which he eventually did, but not before someone captured the scene on video. The cowboy was never identified and police were not called. (Victoria Advocate) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BURGER-LOVING DANCING HORSEMAN.

A Walmart in Evansville, Indiana, landed in a controversy after a Twitter photo of its “Back to School” display. Under the sign that said, “Own the school year like a hero,” was a rack of shotguns. It appeared the guns were being marketed as “Back to School” items. The picture went viral on social media, and Walmart has since apologized and removed the sign from the display. However, in another Tweet, the store manager said there was no such sign near the guns, leading to speculation that the picture was photoshopped. (MSN) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BACK TO SCHOOL DISPLAY.

Judy Robbins was putting on her fake eye lashes and accidentally picked up a dead fly instead of the lashes. She repeatedly tried to glue the bug to her lids before realizing her mistake. Her make-up fail left the internet in stitches after her daughter Molly shared a tweet about the mix-up. Molly also revealed her mother had forgotten to put on her glasses before starting her DIY makeover. (Daily Mail) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FAKE LASHES AND THE REAL DEAD FLY.