Saturday , 24 June 2017

Weird News Of The Week – June 20

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIDO! A Maryland man found out the hard way that you can teach an old dog new tricks when his mutt nearly burned down his house after figuring out how to light one of his e-cigarettes. The dog’s owner, whose name was not released, says he went out for a ride on his motorcycle because it was such a beautiful day and returned home to find smoke pouring from his home, with his couch and carpet in flames. Firefighters had to offer oxygen to three dogs that suffered smoke inhalation, one of which appeared to have triggered the vaping device by chewing on it. A Montgomery County Fire Department spokesperson says the pooch wasn’t a bad dog, adding, “We have had dogs that started fires on tops of stoves by accidentally jumping up and actually hitting the knob, so those things can happen. They are purely, truly accidents.” (WTTG) CLICK HERE TO SEE RESCUERS AIDING THE VAPING DOG.

Timothy Glass Jr, of Eureka, CA, was arrested for shooting a friend in the hand with a flare gun that contained a shotgun shell filled with Rice Krispies. Police responded to a report of gunshots. They found the victim with an injury to the hand. The shooter fled on a bicycle, but was tracked down nearby. Glass allegedly fought being arrested, injuring a detective. The victim later positively identified Glass as the shooter, but he did not wish to press charges. However, since Glass already had a record with police, he was arrested on parole violations and resisting arrest. (KAEF-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOOTER OF THE RICE KRISPIES GUN.

Micah Musser was arrested for trespassing, but the 18-year old’s mugshot has gone viral. Musser was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, for trespassing and drinking in an abandoned building with some friends. The charges are pretty lame and not very newsworthy. However, his mugshot, sporting well over a dozen hickeys on his neck has gone viral (the photo, not hickeys). It’s not sure who gave him their blood sucking affections of love. What is sure is he’s been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor, since some of the people he was drinking with were under 18. (The Smoking Gun) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MUGSHOT FILLED WITH HICKEYS.

Two dudes in the Bronx caused a melee in a neighborhood deli by chucking avocados at workers. The bizarre incident was captured on surveillance cameras that show the guys entering the establishment, then going wild when a clerk got their sandwich order wrong. At first, one of them jumped behind the counter and attacked the cashier with bananas, and then the other grabbed an armful of avocados and started whipping them, baseball style, at the sandwich guy. Amir Alzabibi, the worker, suffered fractures to his face and a broken jaw, cops said. (New York Daily News) CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO OF THE AVOCADO ATTACK!

The Gray family of Latrobe, Pennsylvania is having a rough couple of months. A skunk snuck into their home through a doggy door and sprayed the entire place. They were forced to throw nearly everything they own out and start over. “We’re down to nothing. Floors, ceilings, walls. Everything is gone,” Scott Gray explains. “This is equivalent of a fire burning your house down by not ruining everything, you have to physically pick it up and throw it away.” The Grays moved to an apartment down the street while trying to rebuild and the worst part is insurance won’t cover a dime. Scott says he wouldn’t have been able to get through this pricey ordeal without the support of his friends, family and strangers on their GoFundMe page. (WPXI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FAMILY WHO LOST THEIR HOME TO A SKUNK.

The U.S. Coast Guard in Juneau, Alaska, was called to rescue a man whose homemade, duct-taped water craft was sinking. The sailor was in route to Point Bishop in an inflatable boat when the problem arose. Thankfully, the man and his dog were rescued and transported to safety. “I noticed the craft in the channel and I could tell the man was not wearing a life jacket and the craft was not safe,” says Lt. Joseph Schlosser. “I contacted the sector command center and the Station’s smallboat crew responded quickly and helped the man to safety.” (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BOATER IN A DUCT TAPE WATERCRAFT.