Sunday , 22 October 2017

Weird News Of The Week – October 10

TRAFFIC JAMMED! A 47-year-old British man who was diagnosed with a lung tumor received some very good but strange news from doctors recently. The good news is that he doesn’t have a tumor. The strange news is that what doctors thought was a tumor was actually a toy traffic cone. And it gets even more bizarre. The tiny plastic cone had been lodged in his lung since he received it as part of a gift when he was seven years old. Doctors say the man came to them with a nagging cough that had persisted for a year. An examination of his lungs revealed an object which was believed to be a tumor. They performed a bronchoscopy and that’s when they found the traffic cone, which has since been removed. The patient is said to be breathing well. (BBC) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TOY TRAFFIC CONE WHICH CAUSED DOCTORS TO THINK A MAN HAD A TUMOR.

An eight-year-old boy from Argentina was partying a bit too hard when he swallowed a small toy. That toy happened to be one that squeaks which left the little guy honking each time he took a breath. A video of his squeaking went viral and now we know the unnamed kid had the plastic piece causing the honking removed by doctors. It’s believed he made a full recovery. (Mirror) HERE’S VIDEO OF THE POOR KID SQUEAKING AFTER SWALLOWING A TOY.

An Arizona woman walked into her kitchen to find that it was overrun with live chickens. Apparently, while she was in another part of the house, her dog opened up the kitchen door, and in walked a flock of chickens and one duck. The winged intruders are supposed to be outside in a pen in the woman’s backyard. She tried to use her dogs to herd the chickens back outside, but they weren’t willing to help, so she had to do it herself. She captured the hilarious scene on video. (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO OF THE CHICKEN BREAK-IN

Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos were the only babies born at Massachusetts’ Morton Hospital on April 28th, 1990 and have gone from nursery roommates to husband and wife. Despite being born at the same hospital on the same day, they didn’t grow up in the same town. It wasn’t until a mutual friend introduced them back when they were in high school that Jessica and Aaron discovered their shared birthday. What’s more, Jessica and Aaron’s parents remember saying hi to each other in the hospital almost three decades ago and there may even be photo proof of the incredible coincidence. Jessica’s parents have a picture of her in the nursery with an unknown baby behind her. The face is too blurry to know for sure if it’s Aaron, but it very well could be. (Taunton Daily Gazette) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HAPPY COUPLE.

Catt Gallinger’s botched eyeball tattoo left her with blurry vision in her eye and purple discharge coming out of it. Gallinger, from Ottawa, Canada, said that she decided to get an eyeball tattoo so that she would “feel more at home in my body,” but never imagined it would end up costing her vision. To date she has had to spend hundreds of dollars on prescriptions to relieve the swelling and pain. Doctors have told Gallinger that her eye has been permanently affected and her vision could “go completely or stay a blurry mess.” However, she remains hopeful that surgery will prevent her condition from becoming even worse, and maybe even repair the damage. (Oddity Central) CLICK HERE TO SEE CATT’S DAMAGED EYE WITH PURPLE TEARS.

Mochi, an eight-year-old St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, made history recently by being awarded the Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue on a dog. Mochi’s amazing tongue measures 7.31 inches from snout to tip. While Mochi is adorable and brings her owners great joy, she’s also capable of making a remarkable mess. There’s a lot of water and slobber to clean up. And, that tongue is able to fling food two to four feet across the room. But it doesn’t matter to Mochi’s family. They’re thrilled to have the calm and funny rescue dog, who is now also a world record holder. (Telegraph) CLICK HERE TO SEE MOCHI’S 7+ INCH TONGUE.