Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Weird News Of The Week – April 24

ALONG CAME A SPIDER BURGER. Foodies looking for something new can enter for a chance to win perhaps the most terrifying burger ever. A North Carolina restaurant has created a special tarantula burger for its annual “Exotic Meat Month.” Bull City Burger and Brewery is holding a raffle where winners will get a chance to take the “tarantula challenge.” The $30 burger is made with North Carolina-raised beef, gruyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and an oven-roasted tarantula. The restaurant will announce the winners of the raffle online and then give them 48 hours to claim their burgers. Anyone who finishes it will receive a “tarantula challenge” T-shirt. (WTVD-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TARANTULA BURGER.

Australia’s own Mary River turtles, otherwise known as, “punk turtles,” have officially been added to the Zoological Society of London’s Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (Edge) Reptiles list. The turtles got their nickname for their spiky Mohawk-like green “hair” and fleshy looking “piercings” under their chins. Perhaps its most punk rock feature is its ability to breathe through its genitals. Native to Queensland’s Mary River, the turtle’s ‘mohawk’ is actually algae that’s grown all over its body. The “piercings” are just skin growths. As for the ‘breathing through its genitals,’ the turtle has gill-like organs within its genital region that allows it to stay underwater for as long as three days. The Mary River turtles have previously been used as domesticated pets in the 60’s and 70’s, which is what led to many nests being ransacked for pet trade. As of now, the turtle joins the eight other Australian species rounding out the top 100 endangered species. It ranks number 30 in a list of 572 reptiles on the list. (New York Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PUNK TURTLE.

A burglar in Georgia attempted to rob a Gamestop store. Like other crooks, Kerry Hammond tried to disguise himself with a mask…only he chose clear water bottle plastic packaging. Since the “mask” he was wearing was clear, it didn’t take long for police to identify him. Police did not say if he actually stole anything from the business. Police said he had two active felony warrants for his arrest for burglary and criminal damage to property in the second-degree. (WFTS Tampa Bay) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BURGLAR IN THE CLEAR PLASTIC MASK.

A driver who parked her car in front of a gate in England returned to find her vehicle covered in baked beans. The 30-year-old single mother arrived for work and parked her car in front of a gate, likely because she couldn’t find another spot. The person that coated her car in beans left a note on the windshield that read, “This is not a parking space. People need regular access to these back gates and you’re stopping them! There are clearly signs on both gates indicating that access is needed and not to park there. If you want a proper parking space wake up earlier.” The woman insists she didn’t block the gate and says an employee told her she was allowed to park there. (The Scottish Sun) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CAR COVERED IN BAKED BEANS.

A home in a desirable California neighborhood has just sold for $1.23-million. While that sounds like a lot in northern Ohio, the three bedroom, two bathroom home in this pricey neighborhood is in such bad shape, it was condemned! The shack has holes in the roof and mildew problems, and amazingly, it sold for more than the asking price. Listing agent Larry Gallegos says investors were interested in the location based on the view it could offer of the nearby bay. The investors say they have no interest in the actual building, so they’ll raze the thing and put a 4,000 square foot “masterpiece” in its place. (Fox News) CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT $1.23 MILLION WILL GET YOU IN CALIFORNIA.

Surgeons have found another unusual item inside a patient’s body. A man in China took himself to the hospital complaining of stomach pain and blood in his stool. Doctors inserted a camera into his stomach to have a look and found a cigarette lighter. The man told doctors he remembered swallowing the lighter 20 years ago but never thought about having it removed until he started experiencing discomfort. Surgeons had to perform two operations in order to safely remove the lighter. (Daily Mail) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIGHTER THAT WAS TAKEN OUT OF THE MAN’S BODY.