Monday , 19 February 2018

Weird News Of The Week – February 13

STUFFED TIGER, BLUSHING FARMER. Cops in a small Scottish town spent a good part of a day in a stand-off with a dangerous escaped tiger. Bruce Grubb had just moved onto a rural spread and was throwing a housewarming party when he spotted the “intruder” in his cattle enclosure, where he was holding several pregnant cows. The farmer said the first officer to respond to the scene was so scared that he “refused to get out of the squad car” and called a local wildlife refuge for backup. By the time additional officers arrived armed to the teeth, they discovered the enemy was just an oversized stuffed tiger someone had tossed onto the property as a prank. The cops left with the critter, which they plan to adopt as a mascot. (New York Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DANGEROUS STUFFED TIGER.

A hunter is recovering in a Maryland hospital after a bizarre hunting accident. 51-year-old Robert Meilhammer joined friends on a hunting trip along the Miles River in Maryland and was knocked unconscious by a goose that fell from the sky. It’s unclear whether he’d shot the bird or someone else did. Luckily for him, he was with other people who carried him to a nearby road, where they waited for an ambulance. Meilhammer suffered head and facial injuries, and had two teeth knocked out. (WJZ-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEWS REPORT OF THIS BIZARRE HUNTING ACCIDENT.

It was a typical day at the home of a Brazilian family until a misplaced and confused donkey fell through their roof. People inside the home were stunned when a pair of donkey legs poked through their ceiling. Seconds later the animal began to fall, but got hung up by its hind legs and dangled for a moment before eventually dropping to the floor. The donkey immediately got onto its feet and appeared a bit dazed, but otherwise was OK. The house sits on a small hill, which is why the donkey was able to wander onto the roof. Luckily, someone captured the bizarre scene on video. (Sputnik News) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DONKEY IN THE CEILING.

Police in Arkansas pulled over a Shelby Mustang GT500. State troopers arrested a 29-year-old man, whose legal name is Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller. He was charged with driving without a license or insurance. He also wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The police report doesn’t mention what car he was driving at the time. Nor does it mention if he’s had the name of the sports car since birth or if he had it legally changed as an adult. Either way, you’d expect someone with that name to have a driver’s license. He’s due in court next month. (The Smoking Gun) CLICK HERE TO SEE A REAL SHELBY MUSTANG GT500.

Everyone looks familiar at New Trier High School in Illinois. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The school’s sophomore class is actually bustling with 44 sets of twins and one set of triplets. The high school has just broke two Guinness World Records for Most Twins and Most Multiples in a Single Academic Year at One School. The previous record for most twins in a single academic year at one school was previously set at Highcrest Middle school, where many of New Tier’s students went. Luke and Ryan Novosel applied for the Guinness record, and say, “It’s not an earth-shattering accomplishment, but it is pretty cool to have a twin who always has your back and be surrounded by others like us at the school.” (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 44 SETS OF TWINS AND ONE SET OF TRIPLETS.

A Minnesota man landed in the emergency room after trying to launch himself off his roof on a rocket bike. The 40-year-old pieced the contraption together out of a bicycle frame, a pair of skis and an exhaust pipe. He then tried to fuel it with a synthetic anti-freeze product called Heet. He ended up flying a few feet before crashing into a fence at the side of his yard. A neighbor called 911, and when paramedics arrived, they found him on his back on his makeshift flying machine, pushing himself around on the driveway with his feet, cursing and yelling about the pain. (St. Paul Pioneer-Press) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REMAINS OF THE ROCKET BIKE.