Monday , 18 June 2018

Weird News Of The Week – June 12

EGGPLANTSTIPATED. A 50-year-old man in China claims he was suffering from a bad days-long case of constipation. That’s the excuse he used for shoving a large eggplant up his butt. While we are not sure how that would help, it did cause severe nausea and vomiting. Doctors took an X-ray and discovered that the nearly foot-long eggplant was actually shoved so far in that it was actually damaging one of his lungs. Doctors ended up performing surgery on him to remove the eggplant. (Shanghaiist) CLICK HERE TO SEE AN X-RAY OF THE EGGPLANT.

A brazen couple in Yaroslavl, Russia was caught appearing to have sex while riding a giant Ferris wheel hundreds of feet off the ground. Shocked passengers can be heard laughing in disbelief while recording the couple from the next cabin. According to local media, the Ferris wheel takes twelve minutes to complete its journey. The man and woman could face either a fine or up to fifteen days in jail if deemed to have broken the law. (Mirror) CLICK HERE TO SEE SAFE PICTURES OF WHAT WAS GOING ON INSIDE A FERRIS WHEEL CABIN.

An off-duty FBI agent was partying at the Denver bar, Mile High Spirits. While getting crazy on the dance floor, the agent successfully pulled off a backflip, but the stunt backfired when his gun fell out of his waistband. The dancing fed picked up the weapon, but then the gun went off, injuring another clubber. The innocent bystander was hit by the gun shot in his lower leg and transported to a local hospital, but is expected to be OK. (USA Today) CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND SEE SOME PICTURES.


Parents always remember hearing their baby’s first word. For some its “mama” or “dada,” but baby Joe Brady’s first word was Alexa. His parents Lottie Ledger and Mark Brady say it all started when little Joe wanted to activate Amazon’s Alexa, and learned the name by watching mommy and daddy. Thankfully Joe didn’t get too consumed by the latest in technology. His parents say he’s actually really obsessed with cars and can’t be bothered with Alexa anymore. (New York Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE LITTLE BABY JOE.

A Miami man was arrested for urinating in public, but when Gabriel Bravo was booked into the Miami Beach jail, he had to remove his piercings, which was no easy task. Bravo has dozens of small silver balls pierced into his face and forehead, in addition to multiple ear, nose and neck piercings. Once the human Christmas tree was done removing his ornaments, they were placed into storage where they will be kept until he is released, at which time he can go through the painstaking task of poking them back into his face. (The Smoking Gun) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LAWBREAKER WITH THE METAL FACE.

A woman in China was stopped by police after being spotted driving on the highway in a slow-moving pink bumper car. Footage recorded on a highway in Guiyang, Guizhou Province shows the woman driving a pink bumper car down the busy roadway while full-sized vehicles speed past her. The woman was stopped by police and given a warning. Police said they confiscated the bumper car from the woman, who operates a bumper car business in the city. (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WOMAN DRIVING HER PINK BUMPER CAR DOWN A CITY STREET.