Friday , 28 April 2017

Weird News Of The Week – April 25

BET HE SPENT A LOT OF D’OH ON THOSE TATS! Simpsons superfan Ricky Viner decided to cement his love of the animated series with 52 Homer Simpson tattoos on his arm. The 32-year-old Brit explains, “I instantly fell in love with the program when I saw it aged eight. I was adopted when I was a kid and never really had a father, so, in a funny way, Homer became the father figure I always wanted.” Now he’s chasing the record for the most tattoos of a single cartoon character. His inspiration was Michael Baxter, a 52-year-old from Australia who has 203 different Simpsons tattoos on his back. (Huffington Post) CLICK HERE TO SEE VINER AND HIS HOMER TATS.

Babies are known to be a terror on flights, but this is ridiculous. In yet another black eye for an airline company, a three-month-old baby from England was barred from a flight to Orlando under suspicion that he was a terrorist. A red flag was raised by the baby’s visa in which a box was checked off answering “yes” to the question, “Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?” The form was filled out by the tot’s grandfather, Paul Kenyon, who clearly made a mistake. The family had to go to the U.S. embassy in London to straighten it all out and pay a lot of extra money to get a new visa. Kenyon later said, “He’s obviously never engaged in genocide, or espionage, but he has sabotaged quite a few nappies in his time, though I didn’t tell them that at the US embassy.” (The Guardian) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TERRORIST BABY.

A farmer hauling liquid manure accidentally splashed part of his load on a man and daughter in a convertible. Police say a 52-year-old man and his teen daughter were parked at the side of a road in Altomunster, Germany, when a truck carrying a load of liquid manure without a lid splashed them with a large quantity of the animal feces. The damage to the car, an older-model Renault convertible, was estimated at about $5,000. The case has been passed along to the liability insurance company of the farmer driving the truck. (UPI) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AFTERMATH OF THE STINKY SPLASH.

At least two people were really enjoying themselves during the Sarasota Open in Florida and everyone watching the match could hear it. At first, the announcer thought it was an adult video being played on someone’s phone. Eventually it became clear it was a couple having loud sex in an apartment nearby. Frances Tiafoe, one of the players, commented – yelling from the court “it can’t be that good!” As the noise continues, the announcer then confirmed what was happening and offered, “At least someone’s having a good night.” (Associated Press) CHECK OUT FOOTAGE FROM THE RAUNCHY TENNIS MATCH.

An 18-wheeler in Wisconsin had a major meltdown when the 20,000 pounds of cheese it was hauling suddenly went up in flames. The driver realized that the truck’s brakes were on fire, so he headed to an empty parking lot and tried to put out the blaze himself. What he didn’t realize is that the Kraft and Velveeta products that were tightly packed in the trailer were also on fire, and when the cheese fire met the diesel fuel, it resulted in a raging blaze that was very difficult for firefighters to put out. Luckily no one was hurt. (WISN-TV) CLICK HERE TO SEE FIREFIGHTERS PUTTING OUT THE MASSIVE CHEESE MELTDOWN.

A 21-year-old Traverse City, Michigan man was jailed for choking his 41-year-old mother over the lyrics of a Justin Bieber song. The man was in the car with his mother, 17-year-old sister, and 70-year-old grandmother when a Justin Bieber song came on the radio. The mother and son started arguing about the song while she was driving, so she pulled over then climbed into the back seat to tell her son not to be disrespectful in front of his 70-year-old grandmother. The son responded by choking his mother. The police arrived and he was arrested on assault charges. (Traverse City Record-Eagle)