Friday , 20 April 2018

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As promised, Ariana Grande just dropped her new single, No Tears Left To Cry, along with the song’s video. The emotional song has her singing, “Ain’t got no tears left to cry,” in the chorus before adding, “So I’m loving, I’m living, I’m picking it up.” As for the video, it starts with Ariana literally climbing the walls, with the video filled with scenes of Ari defying gravity, whether it’s hanging from a web of twinkle lights, or flying amidst a backdrop of skyscrapers. It even includes some freaky images of Ari literally pulling her face off as if it was a mask. Source: Ariana Grande

There are apparently so many tickets available for Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour that Ticketmaster recently ran a promotion to try and move some. Earlier this week, they waived service fees for her shows in connection with tax day. The promotion ended yesterday, but fans lucky enough to snag tickets saved around 19%. Currently the cheapest tickets on the secondary market are going for about $66, compared with $102 for her 1989 tour. Plus there are currently 35% more tickets on the secondary market than there were at this time for 1989. The tour kicks off next month. Source: New York Post

Time Magazine has come out with their annual “100 Most Influential People” list, and several music stars are on it. The mag highlights Cardi B, Kesha, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Shawn Mendes, with other famous names sharing essays on what makes them so special. John Mayer pens an essay about Mendes, noting he’s “a pop star born both of and for Generation Z,” adding, “his devotion to his craft is exactly why people twice his age are welcoming him into their lives and playlists.” Meanwhile, Cyndi Lauper writes about Kesha, noting that she spoke out about sexual harassment before the #MeToo movement, and, “instead of going away quietly, she fought back.” Adele shares her thoughts on Rihanna, writing, “she has designed and conquered an entire lane of her own,” adding, “She makes her own rules and bends ours,” while Tarji P. Henson writes about Cardi B, “She’s the biggest thing in music. And even with all those eyeballs watching, she’s still unapologetically herself.” Finally Kerry Washington writes about Lopez, calling her “an iconic performer,” and adding she’s an “undeniable force and a powerful example—not just for women of color but for anyone who has been made to feel ‘other’ and for everyone who carries the burden and the privilege of being a first.” Source: Time

Shawn Mendes has entered therapy for mental health issues. He’s admitted to crippling anxiety and stage fright. Mendes said, “I was closing myself off from everybody, thinking that would help me battle my anxiety. I spoke to a therapist and learned therapy is what works for you— it’s something that distracts you.” (The Sun)

Shawn Mendes has been added to the lineup of New York’s Governors Ball. The festival is set for June 1st to 3rd at Randall’s Island, with Shawn’s performance set for June 1st.

Jennifer Lopez has been added to the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards. The singer is expected to premiere a new song on the show, which will air Thursday on Telemundo live from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Pink and her kids are featured on the cover of People’s “Beautiful” issue, and she opens up about her children, as well as her parenting style. Pink describes her 16-month-old son Jameson as “the most social baby,” which she sometimes worries could be a bad thing. She shares, “I’m trying to say, “Stranger danger!” And he’s like, “What?! Strangers are only strangers ’til they’re your friends.” She also adds that he has a little bit of “temper,” explaining, “He bit me! I got bit yesterday for the first time in my whole life. I couldn’t believe it.” When it comes to parenting, Pink admits she’s a “tough mama.” “I expect a lot. I have a high bar for myself and for others, and it’s not easy to be loved by me,” she notes. “But [Willow] gets it and she’s smart, and thoughtful because of it.” She adds, “’I’m a truth-teller. I tell my daughter the truth. I let her be six, but I want her to know about fairness and kindness, and that you have to fight for your rights, and that sometimes girls aren’t paid as much as boys for the same job, and girls aren’t treated the same and that they have to work harder for everything.” Source: People

Liam Payne’s son Bear is no longer a little baby. Liam says the tot, who turned one last month, is a pretty big child, which is causing a few problems. “He’s massive now… where’s my baby gone?” Liam tells Popbuzz. “Everyone comes over and is like: ‘Your child’s massive.’ I don’t know what we feed him, I don’t know what she’s (Cheryl’s) doing.” He adds, “He’s not walking because when kids are bigger they struggle to get their core balance quicker because he’s so tall he’s like lanky and he gets really frustrated.” Source:

Justin Bieber had a little fun on Instagram by posting a picture of his face photoshopped onto Beyonce’s body, adding the caption “Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber.”

Gwen Stefani told Jimmy Kimmel on his show this week that Blake Shelton once dated a Gwen superfan. “He did tell me that he dated a girl for like three months who had my face plastered over her whole bedroom,” she said. “So that’s kinda weird, right?” Jimmy then suggested Gwen make things ever weirder, joking, “Find out what she looks like and plaster her face all over your bedroom.” Meanwhile, another superfan beat Gwen in a game of Who Knows Gwen Stefani. Kimmel asked how old Gwen’s Aunt Donna is, what her first paying job was, the first album she ever purchased, the first song she ever wrote, who Gwen played in the movie The Aviator, what company Gwen’s dad worked for, the summer camp she attended and what Prince song features Gwen. Gaiane Zurian won, 50 points to 30. Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bruno Mars took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino, whom he was nicknamed after. Peter Hernandez was given the name as a kid by his dad, who thought his son looked like Sammartino. Mars wrote, “Sending love and prayers to Bruno Sammartino’s family. He was such a gentleman when I met him and really meant a lot to my father and I. RIP” Sammartino died Wednesday at age 82 after a two month hospital stay. Mars met him seven months ago. At the time, they posed for a photo, with Mars holding one of Sammartino’s WWWF Champions belts.

Bruno Mars is the top-grossing touring artist on Billboard’s latest Hot Tours recap. His 24K Magic tour tour stops in Latin America and Australia earned $28-million. In the first week of its second year, the tour has now grossed $240-million and is closing in on 2.4-million tickets sold since it began in March 2017. (Billboard)

The Weeknd gets to take a turn as a Marvel Comics superhero in a new graphic novel named after his musical alter-ego, Starboy. Entertainment Weekly put up a sneak peek of the new comic, written and starring the Canadian singer. The plot has Starboy battling a “cannibalistic criminal mastermind” known as Jack ‘The Chef’ Smiley. A digital variant of the first issue goes on sale Friday, before the comic’s physical release on June 13th. (Twitter)

Cardi B just got namechecked by current U.S. senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who tweeted that, “Cardi B is right. If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve.” He’s referring to comments the Bronx rapper made in a GQ interview, where she revealed her passion for political science. She told the interviewer that she’s “obsessed” with learning about U.S. presidents and thinks that Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal financial reform plan is the “real ‘Make America Great Again,’ because if it wasn’t for him, old people wouldn’t even get Social Security.”








































































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