Friday , 22 June 2018

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Demi Lovato has fought a very public battle with alcohol and drugs, and she recently celebrated six years of sobriety. But in her new song, “Sober,” she admits that she’s relapsed. The song is a confessional piano ballad with Lovato singing in an anguished voice that she’s no longer sober and vowing to get help. “People” magazine notes that some fans suspected that Lovato had relapsed in April when singer Hayley Kiyoko posted a photo with Lovato on Instagram where Lovato appears to be holding a cup filled with a yellow liquid. The same photo was posted elsewhere with the cup blurred out. At the time, Lovato responded, “I don’t have to defend anything but it was Red Bull.” Source: People

Selena Gomez is starring in an upcoming horror movie short film by director Petra Collins called “A Love Story,” and they posted teasers on Instagram. The teasers include a series of creepy images, including Gomez in a bathtub putting on a mask of a face, sporting rolled-back zombie-style eyes, eating an eyeball, lying next to a woman with a face made of fingers and eating icing off her leg with a butcher knife. “A Love Story” will be shown via Instagram’s new longform video platform IGTV, although no release date has been revealed. Source: People

Ariana Grande’s new collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “The Light Is Coming,” opens with a sample of a man shouting, “You wouldn’t let anybody speak and instead,” and the sample is heard throughout the song. “Billboard” reports that fans tried to find the source of the sample. Turns out it came from a CNN news clip of a heated 2009 confrontation between now-deceased U.S. Senator Arlen Specter and a constituent irate over being denied the opportunity to speak at the senator’s town hall. Grande has not revealed why she chose to use the sample, but her new album, “Sweetener,” comes out August 17th. Source: Billboard

Shawn Mendes’ fans are defending his right to private time after a fan approached the singer for a photo and took video of him taking a break in private. Fans took to Twitter to denounce the fan. A Twitter user named Liv wrote, “I would love to know how fans like that would feel like when someone just shoves a phone in their face out of the blue ??????” A user with the screen name Male Mendes Army wrote, “Give him space and let him have a little personal time for himself. People need to remember that he’s not a machine, not a pruduct, but a human being. @ShawnMendes” Source:

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons was the guest on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Wednesday night. Reynolds plugged his Believer documentary, which debuts on HBO Monday and focuses on LGBTQ people who are also Mormons. (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

Gwen Stefani is just a few days away from kicking off her Las Vegas residency. Gwen, who’ll take over the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood on June 27th, says, “It feels like it’s not going to happen, but it will happen, and it’s going to be one of those things that I look back on and go, ‘That was a huge chapter of my life.’ So I’m very excited. [I’m] in panic mode.” When asked what fans might expect from Just a Girl, Gwen made this promise: “I feel like it’s the kind of show that I’d never be able to do until this point in my life — nostalgic, bringing people through the long journey I’ve been on with music and sharing that. It’s really just that same journey again, but in a new, Vegas-y way.” (Entertainment Tonight)

Shakira has stirred up some serious controversy by selling a tour necklace that seems to mimic an old Nazi party symbol. The small gold trinket says “Shakira El Dorado World Tour” in a design that includes a sun pattern — which is almost identical to the Black Sun, which is still used today in some neo-Nazi occult circles. Germany’s Bento was the first to point out the similarity to the World War 2-era symbol that the Nazis placed in many of their monuments.
Nazi symbols are banned in Germany, with the Black Sun high on the list of far-right symbols to watch out for. (USA Today)

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