Monday , 27 February 2017

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Last week, Lady Gaga announced that she’d teamed with Bret Ratner for The Love Project, and the Revlon campaign launched this weekend during The Oscars. The ad features Gaga’s track, A Million Reasons, and has stars like Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres talking about what love means to them. The mission of the campaign is to raise money for charities that promote love, kindness, empathy and understanding, including Born This Way Foundation, From One Hand to AnOther and the Trevor Project. Revlon has already committed $1 million to the campaign. Source: People

While there were some big name musicians nominated in the Best Original Song category at the Oscars, it was La La Land that took home the top prize. Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul won the trophy for the tune City of Stars, beating out such stars as Justin Timberlake, Sting and Lin-Manuel Miranda. J.T. got the entire audience of A-listers up and dancing as he entered the Dolby Theater to perform his Trolls tune, Can’t Stop the Feeling, and even mashed up some of Bill Withers’ Lovely Day as well. The other major musical moment came courtesy Sara Bareilles, whose somber version of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” accompanied the In Memoriam segment. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS.


Lionel Richie’s All The Hits Tour, featuring Mariah Carey, which was due to kick off March 15th, is being postponed so Lionel could recover from knee surgery. “When you have been performing as long as I have it takes a toll on your body,” Richie said in a statement. “Unfortunately, my recovery from a knee procedure will not have me 100 percent ready to start the tour next month. I don’t want to disappoint my fans, and I look forward to being back on stage so we can all be ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ together again.” The tour is expected to be rescheduled for the summer, with all previously sold tickets honored on the new dates, which have yet to be revealed. Source: Rolling Stone

Friday, we’d reported that paparazzi caught Justin Bieber with a big wet stain on his sweat pants, leading to speculation he may have wet himself. Well, Justin has set the record straight and not surprisingly, he says he didn’t actually have that kind of an accident, and he isn’t even unhappy about the suggestion he may have. “Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my d–k area…,” he tweeted. “Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!” He also shared a photo of his embarrassing situation next to a shot of Adam Sandler in the movie Billy Madison, with the caption “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.” Source: Justin Bieber

John Legend’s Twitter account was hacked over the weekend, and it seems he was a little amused by what the hacker posted. At first the tweets weren’t so far-fetched coming from someone as vocal in his opposition to President Trump as Legend, with the hacker posting comments calling the president the “Liar in Chief” and talking about the “crises in Bowling Green and Sweden.” But then the hacker started getting more vulgar, with tweets like, “I can not stand by and be silent. @realDonaldTrump , you’re a b*tch ass n—- and if I see you, I’m stomping your shit you f—ing cheetah.” Legend finally got back control of his account and had a little fun with all of the hubbub. “I’m back. My hacker was vulgar and kinda hilarious,” he tweeted. “I’ll try to be funnier from now on so he won’t feel the need to ghost write for me.” Legend did clarify though, “I would never threaten violence to the President. No matter how much I wish he would go away.” Finally, he added, “I wouldn’t call him a Cheeto because I enjoy Cheetos.” Source: John Legend

Madonna certainly seems to be having fun with her newly adopted daughters. The singer shared some more photos of the girls, and it’s pretty apparent everyone is incredibly happy. The latest pic has Madonna rolling around on the floor with four-year-old twins Esther and Stella, with Madge captioning it “Gang-Gang!” She also shared a photo of the twins with their siblings David and Mercy, captioning the shot, “Pajama Game on……….The Revolution of ♥ starts at home!” Source: Madonna

John Mayer has released the second wave of songs from his upcoming album, The Search For Everything. John promised to release four songs a month, and this month’s tunes include Still Feel Like Your Man, Helpless, Emoji of a Wave and Roll It on Home.  “It’s beyond a break-up record,” Mayer says of the album. “It’s about my impression of loss. It’s about the ghost in the room. Proudly, it is, as my therapist says, a study into the metaphysics of absent love.” Source: Rolling Stone

Demi Lovato isn’t happy that a tweet about her heritage was met with controversy by folks on Twitter. Over the weekend, the singer shared the results of a DNA test, writing, “I did a DNA test and found out I’m mainly Spanish, with Native American, SCANDINAVIAN (which I had NO idea), Irish, BRITISH….” But the part that bothered people is when she added, “I’m 1% African!!!!” Some folks took to social media to blast Demi for her tweet, and the singer seemed surprised by the reaction. She shared, “Just thought it was cool and totally random. Some of y’all are mean af (as f**k) Twitter sucks.” She did eventually respond to one fan with a bit of an apology, noting that she “didn’t mean to offend anyone.” Source: Demi Lovato

Chris Martin himself is shutting down the latest Coldplay-related rumors. It was reported the band was visiting Israel and Palestine and had plans to perform two Israeli-Palestinian peace concerts. Not according to Martin. The frontman explains the band is there to “listen and learn and that’s all. We are just having an interesting and enlightening trip to learn about the area.”  Source: Billboard

Katherine Jackson is fighting for her stake of her son’s legacy, as she has filed paperwork to join a lawsuit against the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate over a stake of ownership in his company. Basically, Katherine says she owns ten-percent of The Michael Jackson Company, also known as TMJC, which was formed in 2006. Her claim is that she’s being kept in the dark about what’s going on, most notably how another shareholder asked to inspect the company’s financial records and the lawsuit that followed.  Jackson wants to enforce her rights as one of the co-owners of TMJC. A hearing is set for April 19th. Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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