Sunday , 26 March 2017

Vote For Todd & Amanda To Win The Wedding Of Their Dreams!

This local couple of Elyria, OH went viral after their hilarious pregnancy announcement a couple weeks ago. Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen met at a paralysis recovery center in Californa, after Todd suffered a motocross accident that paralyzed him from the chest down. Though doctors said it was unlikely, Amanda and Todd recently found out that they are now pregnant with a baby boy. Not only did they receive that good news, but Todd also proposed to Amanda on the day of their famous photo shoot. The love and happiness between this couple has made a huge impact on not only their friends and family, but to people all over the internet.

The internet-famous couple have entered in a contest to win the wedding of their dreams. Click on the link below to place your votes and get our local couple the wedding they deserve!
Click Here To Vote

Click here for the full story on Todd & Amanda

Photos by: Kayla Duffin Photography


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