Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Maritime History Passes Sandusky

The Columbia is being restored and will be put back into use as a tour boat on the Hudson River from New York City.  It was last used in regular service in 1991 at Boblo Island near Detroit.  There was  second similar ship that also was used at Boblo island, but it has not been saved.  The Columbia spent the past year in Toledo undergoing repairs to its hull.  It was towed by the tug “Michigan” from Toledo to Buffalo on Tuesday September 1st.  Pictures were taken 10  miles northeast of Cedar Point as she travelled under tow at 6 knots.  Repair work was ongoing while the ship was under tow.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE S.S. COLUMBIA.  Photos courtesy of Steve Shoffner, WLEC News.

Boblo1 Boblo2 Boblo3 Boblo4 Boblo5 Boblo6

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